Custom Demo Scenes

You can't get the director to send you that clip. Or all you've got are "audition" scenes. Need something that looks like it could have come from a movie.

Dan Millican and Ron Gonzales on set

On Set with Reel Actor Demos

Experience a full production set with director, camera man and production crew.

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Written for You

Each scene is written for you and what you need.

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Do you need a high quality production clip for your actor demo reel?


Production Value

They will watch it once.  Lead with your best foot forward.  Quality production is essential for demo reels today. Using a crew of seasoned professionals, our productions are Hollywood quality!


We make movies.  Having produced five feature films, we are very experienced in feature film production. Our movies star Adam Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Joey Lauren Adams, Mimi Rogers and academy award winner Fisher Stevens.

On Set

We don’t just turn on a camcorder and capture your monologue. We setup an actual on-set experience with real movie directors, movie equipment and production crew.

Custom Scenes

Each scene is custom written for your role so that you can focus on your strongest characterization and genre.  It’s not an assembly line.  We consult with you to create an original scene.

"Being on set with a real production crew is truly an amazing experience. It really helped my performance."